Response I: Dallas


February 3 – March 3, 2011
Brazos Gallery, Richland College
Dallas, TX

Nowadays we must distinguish between the deeply superficial and the superficially superficial. ~ Ben Lewis (of ‘Art Safari,’ London)

Exhibition format: An outside party (Ben Lewis) proposes a theme in the form of a 13 word sentence and a word is designated for each artist in Culture Lab. The gallery will be set up to read in a linear format following the sentence structure. Each artist will be given 4 feet of horizontal space in which to ‘consider’ their word.

In this exhibit we have been provided with a sentence by outside party Ben Lewis, an award winning director, writer, and interviewer based in London. In his acclaimed contemporary art series, ‘Art Safari,’ Lewis has interviewed internationally recognized artists Matthew Barney, Sophie Calle, Santiago Sierra, and Maurizio Cattelan. He has recently released a new documentary titled “The Great Contemporary Art Bubble.”

THEME: As a group Culture Lab will focus on themes of interpretation while highlighting ideas of diversity and individuality within a community.

Concept: The exhibit involves relational aesthetics, pinpointing the individuality of the artists and our localized attempts to remain a part of the group discussion.  Each artist is naturally unique, so the idea is to promote an artist group that does not attempt to

homogenize it’s member’s but allows them a voice that contributes to the vitality of the community.

To be held in the Brazos Gallery at Richland College, Dallas.

( Curated and coordinated by Ryder Richards )

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Artist and artwork information:

Sue Anne Rische
Tape, plastic wrap, sequins, thread, light, antique bell

Jonathan Whitfill
type, wood, metal

JD Durham
Must: Dally’s Beer Run
acrylic on canvas

Loren Erdrich
Distinguish: One instance in which I thought we were walking
together but we were actually walking apart
paint on paper, ipod, earphones

Shreepad Joglekar
still image sequence loop, DVD player, cinderblocks

Ian F Thomas
gold leaf on paper

Brian Jobe
Deeply: Deep Weeds
zip ties, tape, and found object

Dryden Wells
Pocelain, PVD coating

Piotr Chizinski

Kale Roberts
The: the anticipation of the
lemon pilfs, scented air freshener

Sarah Haven
polymer clay

Ryder Richards
Found muffler, incised pattern, chrome plated


About Response: “I like that the structured relationship between the curatorial statement, the work, and the viewer is very clear. And that the space created by that structure is vast with sputtering proclamations, suspicious murmurs,and egregious affirmations.” _ Josh Keller, 2011

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  1. for years the idea of ‘truth’ has been shunned – irony always looked tougher than being earnest.

    Nowadays being pathetic is the nearest we have got to exposing our post-ironic ‘truth’

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